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For Fashion Editorial We're looking for kids & teen fashion editorial submissions that are high style, unique, trendsetting, and innovative. Your submission MUST NOT be published, posted, shared, or displayed by other magazines, websites, social media, etc. Images must remain unpublished with no sneak-peeks until the Icon Fashion magazine issue is released.  The Icon Fashion mag team maintains sole responsibility for determining which submissions will be featured in our publications. Must submit a minimum of 3-4 fashion looks.



•  Please send a full selection of images

•  Your story must contain a minimum of 3-4 looks

•  Each image should have a credit list (outfit)

•  Your submission should be exclusive at least for 60 days after submitting to ICON Fashion Mag

•  Minimum requirement of the images is 10 - 25

•  Your editorial/story should be unpublished

•  Credits of the team required 

Submitting Final Work:

Once approved publication, we will require the following from you:

All credits – from models and their agencies used to assistants that helped at the shoot and products and brands featured.

Image requirements – High-resolution Images – 300dpi minimum.Please also provide the story’s title, if you have one, and a two-sentence biography about yourself for our contributors’ page.


Icon Fashion Mag does not provide any form of compensation for unsolicited submissions. Any expenses or costs are solely the responsibility of the contributor. We cannot guarantee that content submitted will be used on the Icon Fashion Mag blog, or social media, the website, or the magazine's digital or print formats. All featured submissions will receive an announcement with a purchase link after the new issue is published. We do not provide free print/digital copies or tear sheets.

While we do allow simultaneous submissions (i.e., you are permitted to submit this content to other publishing outlets at the same time you submit to Icon Mag), you agree that your right to simultaneous submission and/or publication is terminated at the point ICON MAG accepts your content for publication on any of our platforms. Acknowledging our intent to publish your submitted content means that you agree you will pull any submissions of that content you may have outstanding with other publishing outlets, and you agree to no longer submit that content, or any outtakes from that content, to any other publication, media outlet, or platform of any kind. Once you receive our notice of intent to publish your submission, whether in our print, digital, or web platforms, you understand that from that point forward we retain exclusive publishing rights to that content. You agree you will not submit that content for publication elsewhere in any form.

After we have published your submitted content via the intended ICON MAG - CONGRATULATIONS! - you are encouraged to share the content via your personal web and social media platforms. As stated above, however, we do retain exclusive publishing rights and you understand that you are no longer authorized to submit any portion of the content, including outtakes, to other any other publishing outlets, including web and digital-based platforms without our written consent. If you have a specific request you feel should be an exception to this policy, please contact us directly and we will review on a case-by-case basis.

Additional Information:


The FRONT and BACK COVER photos of the submitter will belong to ICON Fashion Magazine as of the publication date of the magazine.  These two photos cannot be published on any social media without a logo. The person or persons who submits guarantees this and promises to comply with all these conditions!


Commissioning letters do not guarantee the publishing of your editorial. The editor will make the final decision. Decisions are based on the quality of submission and space available in the magazine. The issue that your editorial will be published in may also be subject to change.

Please stick to the deadline and have arranged model release forms where appropriate.

Should you be unhappy with any of the points brought up, please discuss them with us prior to submitting.


Example: @iconfashionmag

Please list the credits - photographer, models, hair & makeup artist, stylist, clothing brands / designers / boutiques, and Instagram.

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Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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